Gloria Haghpasand (b. 1982, Tehran) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. 

Haghpasand's work — which ranges from the provocative to the introspective — is a liberating and limitless reflection on circumstance and contradictions. Predominantely working with canvas and mixed media, the self taught artist is driven by a visual commitment to her emotions, creating captivating compositions that engage and challenge.

"Fearless. Limitless. To be raw. To own yourself."

After being surrounded by art during her childhood in Tehran, her journey has since taken many paths before she returned to painting full time in 2011. Now based in Stockholm, Haghpasand's work depicts her unfiltered experiences with a spontaneous and natural expression.

The diversity in the work owes much to her love of material exploration but larger recurring themes are also found. Reflections of lives lived, between decadence and provocation, and explorations of luxury and decay are the foundation for a majority of the work. By highlighting and consolidating the disparity between success and its destructive backside, she playfully removes the perceived difference between the two and represents them as one. While her work is confident and humorous, it carries a more subversive tone that revels in contradiction.

Haghpasand's work has been sold to private collections across Europe and Asia.